Fire Preparation

Irrespective of whether Fires are regarded as natural, whether planned or unwanted, there is a need to ensure safety and to reduce risk.

The proper control and management of fires require at least:

  • Awareness
  • Prevention
  • Preparedness
  • Response


It is estimated that as many as 90% of fires are started by people.

Whether you are starting a fire break as a precaution, or doing a controlled burn of a larger area you should pay attention to local conditions, and adjust your planning to suit. Think about:

  • The season (Is this the opportune time to burn?)
  • Veld density (How intense will the fire be?)
  • Veld condition (Can it support a burn? How dry is the veld?)
  • In the local area, where are the risk (e.g. homes, fuel storage, animal feed)
  • Always be aware of wind speed and direction. You may need to put out a fire if the wind conditions change and the risk increases.
  • Are you and your staff adequately trained and do you have the experience for the task?
  • Are you adequately equipped?