Fire Prevention

  • Educate your staff and tenants;
  • Refuse fires are NOT allowed;
  • Dispose of hot ashes or coals in a safe place where there is no risk of starting a fire;
  • When working with power tools, work in a cleared ventilated area (eg angle grinders, welders);
  • When working in the veld with power tools (repairing or installing electrical fences, etc ensure the workmen have fire beaters at hand, and know how to beat down a fire)
  • Ensure all electrical installations and appliances are correctly wired;
  • Keep an large area around building clear of combustible material, ie. fire wood, garbage;

Think about the risk within your garden: substitute alien species with indigenous species (particularly succulents close to structures).

Ensure that the garden is easy to walk through in any direction, to facilitate emergency entry or exit.