Verbena Brasiliensis

Verbena Brasiliensis

Verbena Brasiliensis, the Brazilian verbena or Brazilian vervain, is a flowering plant species from the Vervain family (Verbenaceae). It is native to parts of South America, namely Brazil, but has spread its range in recent years and has been listed as an invasive weed in many countries. It is an annual plant with purple flowers, and it has been introduced outside of its native range as an ornamental plant, and is now largely considered an invasive weed in Gauteng.

The plant thrives in wetlands and riverine areas, but also invades roadsides, old lands, and drier veld.  Verbena is often found side-by-side with pompom, and has been prioritised for removal in the Crocodile River Reserve.

A tall erect herb with distinctive quadrangular (sharp-edged) stems of 1-2.5 metres in height.

Upper branches are 4-9cm long. Flowers occur in clusters and are mauve in colour.

In harsher conditions the plant grows smaller and finer.

Manual control is possible. Pull the plant out with its roots, preferably after good soaking rain.