GJ Bredenkamp explains that “anthropogenic Hyparrhenia hirta dominated grassland” is what REPLACES the threatened Egoli Granite Grassland.

The distinction between “sour” and “sweet” grasses is important where grasses are the main fuel.

Radiant heat, dehydration and asphyxiation are also real threats to safety and must be considered. Responding to fires is potentially very dangerous.

The National Veld and Forest Fire Act requires, amongst other obligations, landowners and user’s to have adequate perimeter fire breaks.

Remove dead and dry plants, trees, shrubs, excess leaves, plant parts, and low hanging branches around structures;

Educate your staff and tenants;
Refuse fires are NOT allowed;
Dispose of hot ashes or coals in a safe place where there is no risk of starting a fire;

When doing fire breaks or a controlled burn of a larger area you should pay attention to local conditions, and adjust your planning to suit.