CRR Updates


This page was last updated on 25 June 2023.

Run The Rhenoster

The second Run the Rhenoster was held in Riverside Estate, a 12km run and 5km walk supported by a growing number of entrants. They all love the event, and said they would be back next year in numbers.

Thank you to the residents of Riverside Estate for allowing the route to traverse private property, and to the many volunteers, led by Fransa Cole, that put it all together. The sporting events in the CRR raise much needed funds for projects like alien clearing, data mapping, and part of the proceeds from the run go to supporting the Oori Game Management.

Next up is the Ride the Rhenoster, 15th year of this technical mountain bike ride through the scenic area of the CRR. Look out for the date and book on Quicket EARLY.

From Lionel “Hi. It was overall a very well organised & enjoyable event. There was ample parking with friendly but efficient security, welcoming & friendly organisers, a lovely route, especially along the paths, and delicious boerie rolls & coffee afterwards. What better way to spend a morning? Thanks very much to all involved.”

From Maggie “It was a great venue, thank you to the Reserve and organisers. 12km trail was scenic and we were lucky with good weather :)”

From William “Cannot wait to be back”

From Jean Paul “A fabulous experience. I was very impressed with the very smooth registration process and what an amazing place to run. The run is excellent value for money. Marshalls were also very friendly and the whole atmosphere was very jovial.”

5km Run winner
Run The Rhenoster

Environmental Events

The Biomimicry Walk and Talk given by Jonathan Leeming in February was fascinating, leaving everyone with a newfound respect for Nature’s way of problem solving and adaptation. We can all learn something from Nature’s ingenuity.

In March Cheryl Dehning of the Tree Society of SA taught those who attended the Tree Walk the best way to identify trees using the most popular Tree books available. She offered advice on what indigenous trees can be used in our gardens, and spoke most knowledgeably on the different trees we found as we made our way through the beautiful veld and bush of the Egoli Granite Grasslands.

The talk in May pulled on everyone’s heart strings. Margi Brocklehurst shared beautiful photos and some truly uplifting stories about the animals Friends of Free Wildlife have saved over the years. She also told some genuinely sad stories of those that could not be saved. Everyone came away with a far better insight into how our lifestyle can impact the lives of the wild animals we share our world with.

Brown House Snake

The Snake Talk in April by Heidi Pfieffer from Snake Bite Assist on indigenous and exotic snakes, was thoroughly enjoyed by all. Heidi showed some of the indigenous snakes found in the Reserve, from a distance, and explained their characteristics and types of venom. The highlight was being able to touch and hold certain of the exotic live snakes that graced us with their presence.

If you need assistance with snakes, Heidi can be contacted on 083 374 7087

Bevon Butler and his family joined the Snake Talk:
“We absolutely loved Saturday and we were privileged to be there with everyone. Both my son and daughter and her boyfriend absolutely enjoyed it as well, although my wife Samantha, was somewhat “afraid-ish” but she was still game. We took stacks of pics with the snakes and friends. Thank you once again however”.