CRR Updates


This page was last updated on 28 February 2023.

Events in the CRR have seen growing numbers visiting us, and the 2022 year was very active with an event being scheduled for the last Sunday of the month.

New events were introduced – photography, biomimicry and snakes – over and above the immensely popular ones like scorpions and geology. Most of our bookings are from people that live outside of the CRR, and they love to come here and discover this little jewel that is on their doorstep.

Happy visitors mean return visitors, and we get many! We charge a small fee of R85 for adults and R45 for children and this allows people to have an affordable outing and enjoy the wide-open spaces outside of the city. The Events are not meant to be money spinners, they are aimed at educating people on the imperatives of having green spaces that are protected and conserved.

Come and join the informative and interesting people that volunteer their knowledge.

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Tree Walk & Talk 2022
Yebbo Goga WITS 2022
Geology Walk & Talk 2022