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Invasive Plants

This page was last updated on 28 February 2023.

Alien clearing activities in the CRR this season: A lot of work was done, supported by local staff, a great deal of planning, an investment by landowners of almost R80K as well as time that cannot be measured in monetary terms. Big thank you to the special people that keep at it, the challenge is still huge!

We cannot do this without your support. 

Here is how we can help you:

  • Free training: Look out for dates in upcoming newsletters
  • The GSA can help you: Ask for an assessment and quotation
  • Herbicide: The GSA buys in bulk. You can buy it from the GSA at a reduced price

Send an email to for more info on the above

It’s the Law

Invaders threaten biodiversity, the environment, water resources and economic activities.
Government’s response was to list all species which are threats as “Invaders.” And, to help us as landowners to prioritise action, all invaders are categorised. Both Pompom and verbena are in Category 1b. The category means “MUST be controlled”. Specifically:
“A person who is the owner of land on which a listed invasive species occurs must –

(a) Notify any relevant competent authority, in writing, of the listed invasive species occurring on that land;
(b) Take steps to control and eradicate the listed invasive species and to prevent it from spreading; and
(c) Take all the required steps to prevent or minimise harm to biodiversity”

It seems clear that dealing with invaders is not optional if we are to be law-abiding. Failure to control invaders can result in a conviction with a fine and/or imprisonment.

The Act allows for a R5 million fine.
For a second offence, it’s a R10 million fine.

Section 73(2) of the NATIONAL ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT: BIODIVERSITY ACT 1 0 OF 2004 (“Biodiversity Act”)