CRR Updates

Reports from the Veld

This page was last updated on 25 June 2023.

Alien Invasive Forum

On 3 May, we met with a delegation from DFFE with a view to establish closer ties with them as it is their mandate to ensure that landowners comply with eradication of alien vegetation. Our first joint venture will be an information session to be held on 19 August 2023 at the Four X Four Club in Gemstones Road. More information and an agenda will follow soon.

Mapping in the CRR

One of our big projects is to map the CRR’s natural assets as well as threats to biodiversity. We have plenty of material, but still need to ensure that all the data is easily accessible for the purposes of research and monitoring of the state of biodiversity. That project is ongoing, and we are talking to some TUT students to assist us with a database.

Agricultural Research Centre and biocontrol

We visited the ARC’s Mass Rearing Facility in Roodeplaat Dam earlier this year and were taken through the facilities where biological control agents are tested for many years, before they are released. It was most enlightening and brought home just how much research is being done on the control and management of alien invader species. It also made us realise that if there is a biological control agent for a species, that is the best way to go. We have already released bio-control agents on queen of the night and some prickly pear specimens, as well as the thrips for pompom. However, this year we will do a mass release of pompom thrips, and are considering mass rearing our own supply of the thrips, which will put us in a position to release the thrips early in the pompom growing season.

Gauteng Conservation Plan

GDARDE is in the process of updating its Conservation Plan (or C-Plan. We have given some input as a stakeholder.