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Snare Walks

This page was last updated on 25 June 2023.
Snares found

An official snare walk is held every month, and several special snare walks are done by our core team. We have removed just under 100 snares since January. Finding the remains of a Jackal, several Blesbok and a dog saddened all of us. These discoveries are a constant reminder of just how vital these snare walks are for the protection of our precious wildlife, and sometimes even our beloved pets.

It is seldom that animals caught by a snare are found alive, but one very lucky hare was discovered and released on our last snare walk by two GDARDE members who had joined us.

Vigilance on our day-to-day travels can also pay off. Thanks to an alert resident on her way out of the Reserve a snared Jackal was spotted and released. It was struggling to free itself from a snare set surprisingly close to the road.

On the most recent snare walk, a duiker was found snared, and in the nick of time was released, unharmed. The video below tells the story!

We are forever thankful to everyone who makes these snare walks possible and gives of their personal time over weekends to help us reduce this horrible crime.

A tragic demise

Check your own properties regularly, particularly your fence lines. If you find a snare, please send a pin location via WhatsApp to 076 247 7012 to help us build up our database. It only takes a few seconds!