Environmental Crime

One more step to stop environmental crime in the Reserve

In an attempt to reduce environmental crime within the CRR and its buffer zone, the GSA has entered into a contract with SDS Security who will respond to cases of environmental crime such as wood cutting, hunting, poaching, arson, the removal of indigenous plants, etc.

The call out to SDS is done by an authorised GSA representative who also monitors the WhatsApp security groups. The collaboration with SDS that was introduced as a pilot mid-2022 has gone a long way to reducing the environmental crimes in our area.

Please continue to report such incidents on your WhatsApp security group. Remember that the devil is in the detail: responsible reporting and details such as pin location, licence plate number, clear vehicle description, etc. will ensure a speedy response and successful outcome.

In order for SDS to respond without delay and catch them ‘in the act’ it is vital we have a pin location. We realise these observations are often made on your way in or out of the area but please just stop for a second and send the pin from where you spotted them.

This environmental protection service is exclusively for environmental crimes that occur in the CRR and its buffer zone – it is not intended for personal security matters of the residents and landowners in the CRR area.

Thank you for your cooperation and assisting us to reduce environmental crime.

For more information about environmental crimes and how to report them, please download GDARD’s EMI Brochure. Should you wish to make a complaint, please download the GDARD Complaint Form, complete it and email it to green.scorpions@gauteng.gov.za. Please be sure to follow up for a reference number and keep a note of it for tracking purposes.