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The Landowner has the exclusive right to occupy, enjoy, use and develop the Private Area provided -

There are areas where game has already been introduced.  The first thing to do is ensure that those areas comply with the policy – grazing units and types, species and mix.   This is for the good of the animals and the environment, and required to ensure that we do not merely pay lip-service to protecting the environment.

Living in a democracy already implies you accept, expect and promote being law-abiding.
In the same way as we expect our government to uphold the laws of this country, so we as landowners should accept the responsibilities which come with the privileges we enjoy.

There are some obligations which are already required by policies, guidelines and legislation.  
The landowner may not allow or conduct activities which will hinder meeting the conservation objectives.  The activities to be curtailed and/or prevented include -

If it is your intention to leave your children in a position where money allows choice, then it follows that you want to do whatever you can to ensure the value of your property increases.

We will have a Nature Reserve and not a National Park.   A National Park exists to both protect and for the public to enjoy.

A Nature Reserve exists for the reasons that it is proclaimed. In our case, we protect threatened Ecosystems and valuable biodiversity. Part of protecting the natural systems, is controlling the “who, when and how” of use.

Farming is a noble activity.  In these times, food security is a burning problem, poorly addressed.  

If you have not yet commenced farming, then these are things you need to factor into the decision you make –

There is a serious and entirely possible scenario in which your land loses value – the area becomes degraded or a nearby land use negatively influences its value.  
And, this is what we have to face: if we fail to implement a collective vision, we are all at risk of our direct neighbour allowing or doing something to jeopardise everyone else’s land value.

First, on Expropriation:  As the law stands, ANY land may be expropriated by the State for the public good.  
Zimbabwe land grabs, like informal settlements, are fears landowners often have, and the fear is often based on a sense of helplessness to act when faced with a wave of action.

The decision about fences is not yet made, and is likely still some time off.

We will always be a Nature Reserve with different “zones” because we have to allow for two provincial roads (R511 and R512), three rivers and any number of legacy land uses, including quarries.

“The State cannot be trusted to be in control of our land.”
“How can the State come and interfere on my land when it is so inefficient in everything it does?”

The words may differ, but the sentiment is the same: we cannot let the State have a say over what happens on our land; we own it.

You remain the owner of your land, in practice and on your title deed.  
There is no circumstance in which you will not be regarded as the owner.
You have the right to sell your land.

Historic and Cultural Sites

Sites of special cultural value or historic significance are found in the Reserve. The geology includes the same belt of dolomite which occurs in the Cradle of Humankind World Heritage Site.


Information sheets about various species in the Reserve