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We already live here, and have a right to have a home here, and the right to generate some income from the land if we choose to.  

Within certain (existing) restrictions, and as agreed with landowners individually, there will be controlled access. For example, to a guest house, or a Bed and Breakfast; to a conference venue; on an arranged walk with a guide; along a specific trail (running, cycling, walking).

The bottom line is where access is allowed, it is controlled, and it is likely to be for some economic benefit in order to FUND the CONSERVATION directly or indirectly.  There is a skeleton business plan that will be rolled out as we progress.

Historic and Cultural Sites

Sites of special cultural value or historic significance are found in the Reserve. The geology includes the same belt of dolomite which occurs in the Cradle of Humankind World Heritage Site.


Information sheets about various species in the Reserve