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  • Dumping of refuse, rubble or other waste
  • Introduction of alien invasive plants
  • Introduction of non-indigenous or extra-limital species, or a genetically distinct sub-population of species
  • Removal or destruction of indigenous flora (with exceptions as may be permitted by the management plan e.g. seed harvesting)
  • Removal or destruction of indigenous fauna (except as prescribed by the management plan)
  • Removal of any wood product (exluding aliens, and where permitted by the management plan)
  • Use of off-road vehicles
  • Public access, unless agreed to and in line with the management plan


Development and Commercial Activties


The landowner MAY engage in development and commerical activities.  The conditions are - 

  • The activities are expressly provided for in the Management Plan
  • The activities are consistent with the conservation objectives
  • The activities further the conservation of biodiversity


The landowner must have the development rights and any necessary approvals, permissions or exemptions from the appropriate authority.


Further, there should be -

  • No new infrastructure that is incompatible with the management plan
  • No ploughing, cutting, ripping or transformation of any indigenous vegetation, ecosystems or habitats
  • No mining
  • No new transmission lines, telecpmmunication lines, cellular towrs or other public works until the areas are specifically zoned for these activities
  • No division of land unless consistent with the conservation purpose and objectives
  • No operation of trade, industry or business unless in compliance with the Management Plan




Restrictions include -

  • NO removal of indigenous species
  • Only local, non-invasive indigenous species may be planted
  • NO livestock or dmoestic animals in the CONSERVATION area
  • NO negative impact on the indigenous flora and faina unless explicitly provided for in the management plan




Restrictions include -

  • NO act which may adversely affect the natural state, flow, supply, quantity or quality of any water resource (subject to the provisions of the Water Act)
  • Any other person whi may have a right to the water in the conservation area may use it subject to such conditions as may be prescribed by the Minister of Environmental Affairs with concurrence of the Minister of Water Affairs.




No hunting unless for the proper management of game, and then with the necessary permits


Permitted uses

  • Any compatible activity in compliance with the environmental management plan
  • Sensitive ecotousim according to the principles in the management plan
  • Environmental Education
  • Sustainable use, as agreed to and provided for the management plan



Historic and Cultural Sites

Sites of special cultural value or historic significance are found in the Reserve. The geology includes the same belt of dolomite which occurs in the Cradle of Humankind World Heritage Site.


Information sheets about various species in the Reserve