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The legislation which descibes how invasive species must be dealt with is the National Environmental Management: Biodiversity Act.  The Act has regulations and lists of invasive species associated with Categories.  These categories indicate how the species need to be managed. 

 Category 1a addresses emerging invasive species.  Any plant in this category MUST be dealt with immediately, and eradicated i.e. respond without delay and completely remove all parts of the plants and all plants within the area. 

The most urgent action needed in Centurion - and sadly in Laezonia - is against Tickseed. 

tickseed plant

Category 1b is the focus area for all control efforts.  Any plant in Category 1b must be controlled to prevent the spread.  Most well-known in this category are pompom weed, verbena, mexican poppy, syringa, lantana and bugweed. 


Sellers and buyers are advised to take note of Regulation 29 (3)

29. Sale or transfer of alien and listed invasive species

The seller of any immovable property must, prior to the conclusion of the relevant sale agreement, notify the purchaser of that property in writing of the presence of listed invasive species on that property.

Relevant legislation is available to download here. 

Biodiversity Act

Invasive species lists