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Pennisetum setaceum

Fountain grass is observed in many different habitats and tends to begin invading from the road verges.  It is particularly problematic in grasslands.

A sparsely branching, tussock-forming perennial grass with feathery, spike-like inflorescences. The bristles are long and detach with the spikelets. The leaves are up to 40cm long and are not rigid or ending with sharp points. Inflorescence is 10-25cm long and is usually purple or rose-coloured. This widespread grass invades roadsides and disturbed sites.

Fountain grass increases fire frequency and the ability of fires to spread within a landscape, threatens rare plant species and biodiversity.

The concentration of fountain grass ocurs in the North - Schurveberg and Hennopsrivier, especially along roadways.  Also, some landowners have PLANTED this grass as ornamental grass.  Please remove!