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In September 2016 the Crocodile River Reserve is hosting a Land Art Project for the first time - and we hope it will become a long-standing tradition. 

Land Art is an art movement in which the landscape or environment and the the work of art are linked.  The artist uses natural materials and the work of art exist in the open environment, where it usually remains until the earth reclaims the natural material. 

The art work can be massive - at a landscape scale - or minute, a surprise encounter for the viewer. 

Parts of the Crocodile River Reserve will be opened to artists, allowing them to create artworks in partnership with nature, using what there is, altering nothing permanently and doing no damage to the environment.  The art initiative is called the Green Mountain Festival and takes place 9 to 11 September.

"We are excited that this first big event will take place in partnership with the Site Specific group, Ubuhle Bobuntu, Boitumelo, NOMAD and various artists who participate in their personal capacity,"says Fransa Cole, resident artist. 

The Festival opens with on Saturday 10 September at a historic ruin, spruced up especially for the installations.   

On Saturday the public will be able to observe artists at work, walk the trails of the Crocodile River Reserve to view the creations, and even participate in a group creation event.  There is a specific event for our budding young artist too.

On Sunday 11 September the Reserve is open to the participants of the annual mountain bike ride "Ride the Rhenoster".  This fund raising event will take riders to the various installations and bring another dimension to the experience of this technically difficult Ride.  As the event is not a race, the Rider will have time to pause at the various installations. 

A short fun ride suitable for younger children takes place from 8:30am. 

Sunday afternoon will be filled with sound.  As the weekend of art and activity winds down, a symphony of an unusual nature will be conducted Phindu.  All participants will have instruments made from natural materials or found objects. 

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Photograph - 

Artist: Sarah Fraser
Photo: katty vandenberghe
Project: Site_Specific JOZI Land Art 2016