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The Environmental Management Framework guides the size of accommdation venues.  There are guidelines for the MAXIMUM size, and indicators which determine the threshold PER PROPERTY PORTION.


10 units per property

Footprint of 700 m2 (footprint includes infratructure, landscaping, roads, paved areas, fencing, pipelines, etc)

"The facility is limited to a single hotel, boutique hotel/lodge on a property with a maximum of 10 units per property at a density of 1 unit per 10 ha of property size.

Each unit/suite should not exceed 120 m2 and is limited to sleep a maximum of 3 people. The structures should be a single storey with a maximum building footprint of 700 m2. Conference and entertainment facilities in scale can be provided at a rate of 10 m2 floor space/unit up to a maximum of 100 m2."