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ENCOUNTER the Crocodile River Reserve. A weekend of fun and creativity in a natural setting.

Ride the Rhenoster- Mountain Bike Ride takes place on Sunday 11 September. 20km or 40km.
Fun Ride for children commences mid-morning.
Run the Rhenoster - Our first non-competitive trail run takes place on Saturday 10 September.  5km or 10km. 
Fun Ride for children commences mid-morning.
Land Art and Eco Art installations on display all day. Local and international artists are sharing their creative expression all weekend - Sound Journey, Storytelling, photography and inspiring, sensitive land art.

The nominal entrance fee applies to adults. Children of school going age or younger enter free.
Your car will be parked near the entrance. If you are joining Run- or Ride the Rhenoster you will be able to view the Land Art and Eco Art along the route.

All visitors may walk to the installations or take a shuttle. For the safety of the participants and visitors, no private vehicles will be allowed to traverse the Reserve.

Food, beverages and gourmet ice cream available. Food is coordinated and provided by the active Parents Association of the Hennops Primary School, and part of THEIR fund raising.

Please don't bring your own food - this is weekend of wonderful feel-good support for worthy causes.

 You may book for the Ride, Run or visitor entrance here

EntryTime is another option for  riders and runners  wanting to pay by card.



Earlier this week this region was visited by ecologists and natural scientists from Gauteng’s Rural Development Department. They discovered in person a considerable diversity of natural species and a refuge for species on the endangered list.


At the recent public meetings a number of people formed a steering group which would undertake the work necessary to take us through this last push to becoming a nature reserve.

I will start by looking forward with the question everyone asks when they see me: “How are we doing with the Reserve?

The short answer is “making progress”.

The First General Meeting for the initiative to proclaim a Nature Reserve was held on 29 July.

Feedback is provided in  document, which may be downloaded.

By April 2013 the project team completed treatment on more than 250 hectares of invasive aliens in the Reserve area.

The region we live in is of extraordinary ecological value. 

When the South African National Biodiversity Institute (SANBI) set out to advise the State about the conservation of Biodiversity, our area was highlighted. 

We would appreciate it if you could read the material sent by email and available on this website.  And then think about what you ideally want for your land and the area (your vision & dreams).

The City of Tshwane is planning a new waste water treatment plant to the east of the project area. 

There is a huge sense of urgency!
Although this region currently “enjoys” a measure of “legal” protection from exploitation and encroachment through the various laws and planning frameworks that govern this natural setting, the fact is this is not stopping…

The members of the working committee have debated the overarching conservation objectives. These are listed here, and we invite comment or input from landowners and residents.

Historic and Cultural Sites

Sites of special cultural value or historic significance are found in the Reserve. The geology includes the same belt of dolomite which occurs in the Cradle of Humankind World Heritage Site.


Information sheets about various species in the Reserve