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At the recent public meetings a number of people formed a steering group which would undertake the work necessary to take us through this last push to becoming a nature reserve.

The most immediate tasks of the Steering Group are to build a shared vision and to meet with landowners and residents.

These representatives have met twice already, in lengthy sessions where the first step towards a clear vision was taken.

A short, concise message is being prepared to take to landowners and residents in a series of private and small group meetings.

The anticipated outcome of this stage is to have a firm support for a shared vision. The vision prioritises conservation and the natural environment; addresses safety and security; and allows room for appropriate and sustainable development which enhances the conservation lifestyle we collectively adopt.

The next phase will tackle practical considerations of implementation.

Who are these representatives?

While support for this project is widespread, few people have the time needed to advance the implementation. At the public meetings people were asked to only make themselves available if they had time to actively work on the project.   If you have time available and wish to join the working team, you are welcome.

  • Peter Nagel
  • Carl Pellesier
  • Derrik Flynn
  • Rob and Christine Garbett
  • Fransa Cole (assisting Derrik and the Garbetts)
  • Julia Henry
  • Louise Erasmus (assisting Julia Henry)
  • Wessel Wessels
  • Duncan Stork-Frew
  • Mercia Komen

Should you have some available time, but not feel able to commit for a long stretch, please be in touch too. Sometimes, a couple of hours on a specific task takes a load off and makes a big difference to the overall effort!


Historic and Cultural Sites

Sites of special cultural value or historic significance are found in the Reserve. The geology includes the same belt of dolomite which occurs in the Cradle of Humankind World Heritage Site.


Information sheets about various species in the Reserve