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Written by Carl Pellisier of Roodekrans

There is a huge sense of urgency!

Although this region currently “enjoys” a measure of “legal” protection from exploitation and encroachment through the various laws and planning frameworks that govern this natural setting, the fact is this is not stopping…

  • government authorising certain inappropriate development applications right now, e.g. waste water treatment plant, unfeasible country estates, commercial and high density developments.
  • the pillaging of natural resources and poaching of animals
  • rampant theft and violent crime in the region, it would seem this area has become a “soft target”
  • uncertainty and suppressed land value, to such an extent that even banks find zero value here and are not approving land or improvement bonds whatsoever
  • the gradual decline of the environment and slow trend towards fragmentation and inappropriate land use, including industrial
  • looming Rates & Taxes hikes for the area, similar to the rather high rates experienced in the western Mogale region
  • the potential for government to interfere even more unfavourably in the future

Many people have become desperate with what is happening here, resulting in each of us fighting a lonely battle for our own survival. Sadly the above has led to a division in sentiment for the area by landowners. Followed by a host of issues we use to justify why we are unwilling to unite with our neighbours and support a project that could essentially resolve all the issues. And ultimately sacrificing the reason we chose to live here in the first place.
The future becomes even more clouded by the rapidly deteriorating national and international political, social and economic climates, leading to more uncertainty and a sense of total helplessness and inaction.
The fact is if we do not act now it will be too late.

Historic and Cultural Sites

Sites of special cultural value or historic significance are found in the Reserve. The geology includes the same belt of dolomite which occurs in the Cradle of Humankind World Heritage Site.


Information sheets about various species in the Reserve