Snare Map

Last updated on 20 May 2024

This is a war we have been fighting for many years. The map below will give you a good indication of just how big a problem this horrible practice has become, and it is unlikely this will change anytime soon. Besides having an impact on the wildlife which is a critical part of our precious biodiversity it is also a very cruel way to hunt causing the animal immeasurable suffering, ending either in serious injury or death.

We have found it to be far more productive to have smaller snare walks carried out by experienced and dedicated members of our snare walk team and a public snare walk open to all every three months to create awareness and bring in new members who have enjoyed the experience. As landowners and residents however, we can all make a difference by checking our own properties regularly and reporting what we have found to the CRR.  This helps us ascertain hot spots, patterns and severity.

If you are not sure what to look for join one of our public snare walks to find out how you can protect our wildlife. To report finds or for any questions please WhatsApp Dalene on 076 247-7012 or 083 779-4143.