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The Mexican poppy is considered an agricultural weed and is poisonous to stock, but few deaths occur because the plant is not readily eaten. This is due to the bitter yellow sap which makes it unpalatable to stock.

Bugweed or Solanum Mauritianum is a shrub or small tree which tends to invade bushland areas. It is not an attractive tree – the leaves are dull and hairy and the purple flowers relatively small.

Lantana is one of the worst weeds in the world.  In South Africa, landowners and landusers are required to prevent seed formation, spread and growth of this invasive species.

Verbena Brasiliensis, the Brazilian verbena or vervain, is a flowering plant species which is native to parts of South America but has spread its range in recent years and is listed as an invasive weed in many countries.

We recommend using the herbicide called Plenum, which is available from Ecoguard. Plenum requires a wetting agent (called Actipron) and a dye (blue is best)

GJ Bredenkamp explains that “anthropogenic Hyparrhenia hirta dominated grassland” is what REPLACES the threatened Egoli Granite Grassland.