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After months in lock-down, it was a joy to get back outdoors and into nature, as our creepy crawly expert, Jonathan Leeming, shared fascinating facts about why all arachnids should be treated with respect rather than fear.

Criminal syndicates are duping people into buying portions of land that belongs to private landowners. Carte Blanche focusses on Elandsfontein in the South of Johannesburg and an area bordering the Schurveberg Protected Areas of the Crocodile River Reserve north of Johannesburg.

The Cape skink is live-bearing and the female may take up to a week to birth her litter of offspring – often between 8 and 18 per brood. Each baby is born in a thin, membranous bag or ‘shell’ that it breaks out of within seconds. Newborns measure measure 5 to 7 cm.