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February/March 2023

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The Newsletter will be published quarterly and distributed to all Members of the GSA in the Crocodile River Reserve and residents in its buffer zones.

We want the Newsletter to be topical and meaningful for you. The Editor would love to receive your inputs, feedback and suggestions. Your photos, video clips, observations and anecdotes on our natural world and its biodiversity are also welcome.

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We have some amazing photographers living in the Reserve. We want to feature your work! If you want to, you can upload your photos and videos here.

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We're gathering a list of questions we can answer so be sure to send the Editor your questions related to the CRR and the GSA.

We will publish them on the website and the next newsletter with an answer for the benefit of all.

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Find a catchy name for the Newsletter!

Send your suggestions to the Editor. The winning name will receive a prize and will be acknowledged in the next Newsletter. The competition will run from now until mid-June 2023.

So put on your imaginative and creative hats – a short name is best – one that captures the essence of the Crocodile River Reserve and our conservation journey.

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CRR Updates

With our newsletter, we aim to keep you informed with all that is happening in the Reserve. Click through to each article from the headings below. 

If you lose your place, be sure to return to this email. 


Events in the CRR have seen growing numbers visiting us, and the 2022 year was very active with an event being scheduled for the last Sunday of the month.

New events were introduced – photography, biomimicry and snakes – over and above the immensely popular ones like scorpions and geology. Most of our bookings are from people that live outside of the CRR, and they love to come here and discover this little jewel that is on their doorstep.

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Invasive Plants

Want to find out more about all the Alien clearing activities in the CRR this season? 

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The Pink and Purple problem
Landowners are alarmed by the spread of pink and purple flowers in the veld and wetlands. And they are confused about what to do. Read More

Lantana Camara
Lantana is one of the worst weeds in the world, a category 1b species in South Africa in terms of the Alien and Invasive Species Regulations (AIS), National Environmental Management: Biodiversity Act (Act No 10 of 2004). Read More

Reports from the Veld

To see how our individual Units are battling the invasive plants, be sure to click through to them here:
Snare Walks

Want to find out more about our snare walks?

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School Programme

Find out how our School Programme is helping to educate our future conservationists

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Find Out About Our
Corner Of The World

Special in the CRR

Find out more about the special animals and plants in the Crocodile River Reserve.

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Environmental Crime

In an attempt to reduce environmental crime within the CRR and its buffer zone, the GSA has a contract with SDS Security who respond to cases of environmental crime such as wood cutting, hunting, poaching, arson, the removal of indigenous plants, etc.

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