Fire at night by Shane Rorke

Photography Talk with Shane Rourke

30th May 2021

The 2022 photography event with Shane Rourke proved that an excellent way to experience nature is through the lens of a camera, even if that camera is on your phone.

Regardless of whether you were a complete novice or an experienced photographer you went away having learned something new. Everything from technical questions, the correct lens for a specific subject, and features and apps on your phone for editing was covered in this interesting and informative talk.

We were encouraged by Shane to experiment with techniques and express our own artistic preferences in our photographs. My personal favourite was the practical session that was set up for us in wildlife photography, where Shane brought out a magic tool called a round light reflector to help us take brilliant photos of a resident cheetah called “Momma Cheetah”. Check out our gallery of pics below to see this effect in action.

Everyone left, inspired by the examples of Shane’s beautiful photographs and our newly found knowledge.